Tuesday, November 27, 2007

“A Trucking Accident Story’s End”

The news article, “Montana Trucking Company Reaches $1 Million Settlement with Injured Motorist”, posted in October 2007 is the end of the story for an injured motorist’s quest for justice. The trucking company made a settlement with Lucy-Jones Parker and her 10-year daughter who figured in a truck accident last year.
Truck accidents have become common in California, especially in Los Angeles and Orange counties, the article noted. These accidents often result to serious or fatal injuries.
Parker’s lawyer said the incident occurred in an intersection where a truck owned by a Montana company crashed into the crossing van of the Parkers. Witnesses said the truck driver did not stop at the intersection and continued driving into the van despite seeing it.
In my opinion, most vehicle accidents happen because of the recklessness and wrong driving habit of drivers.
I would suggest some safety driving tips to motorists crossing intersections:
  • Yield the right-of-way to approaching vehicles in an intersection, especially when no traffic light is posted
  • Obey traffic lights and signals.
  • Yield to police cars, fire trucks ambulances and other emergency vehicles.
By practicing these correct driving behaviors, you can make our roads a little safer for commuters and other motorists.
This trucking accident should serve as a warning to other motorists. This is a reminder that truck accidents always result to serious injury or death; hence, we must pay attention to our driving habits. Defensive driving techniques must be encouraged to avoid the same incident from happening in the future.