Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Bicycle Laws, Enacted

A recently signed law may become the key in decreasing, if not totally preventing bicycle accident occurrences in California. Last September 26, 2007, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has formally signed Assembly Bill 478 to require the bicycle fanatics to use lights on sidewalks, pathways and any other bicycle routes. This will to revise the older statutes that only require bikers to use lights on highways, at nights and early mornings.
In addition, the bikers will be compelled to use reflectors on their bicycle’s rear end and both pedals and their shoes or ankles to increase their visibility especially during nights and bad weathers. Indeed, I believe that this bill drafted and proposed by State Representative Lois Wolk will be of great help for bikers.
It is quite so long bike-riding safety legislation has been given attention despite the great number of injuries and casualties it has already caused. In fact, an average of 1,800 bike-related accidents happens across the state every year. This has even caused 1,626 injuries and at least 44 fatalities.
Although the implementation of this particular law will mean expenses for them, the bicyclists should be thankful that the government is doing their part to protect, not only their safety but as well as of the other motorists and pedestrians. They should not put their lives at risk for only a small amount.
However, despite your strict abidance of this law and you have still been injured in an accident while riding your bike, you may still file charges against the reliable parties. This is to obtain justice and recover suitable damages to cover for the effects of the accidents to you and your family.
More so, in this pursuance of a bike accident claim, you will definitely need a formidable ally to gain a positive result. Thus, it is vital to consider hiring Los Angeles Lawyers who have that expertise in handling this particular type of cases.