Friday, July 6, 2007

Slip Trip and Fall, No Laughing Matter

Premise liability accounts for thousands of personal injury cases in the country. It chooses no time and place. Premise liability can happen to you while you are at work, having lunch out, visiting a friend’s house or doing recreation.

The usual cases of premise liability are slip and fall or trip and fall accidents. A slip and fall accident happens when there is water or any slippery substance on the floor and you slip and fall as a result. A trip and fall case, on the other hand, is when your foot got caught or tripped due to a hole on the ground or debris strewn on the floor resulting in a trip and fall accident.

In both cases the owner of the property is liable for your injuries. Usually, it is funny if you see somebody slipping or tripping and falling, especially if the person is not you. However, premise liability accident is no laughing matter. A lot of serious injuries are sustained during a premise liability accident to include:

1. Scrapes and bruises
2. Sprain and strain injuries
3. Head injury
4. Back injury
5. Fractures; and
6. Death

As you can see, serious and debilitating injuries could be sustained if you happen to fall and your head hits the floor hard or you happen to fall down the stairs that could paralyze you for life.

If you or any of your loved ones has been a victim of a premise liability, you know you have a right to seek damages. The personal injuries sustained as well as the consequent financial damage is really no laughing matter. Seek the assistance of expert premise liability lawyers to help you get a reasonable and just claim.