Friday, June 29, 2007

Value for Your Money

We live in a complex world where we cannot almost do anything without the use of products which makes our lives easier. As we move forward, we find faster and better ways of doing things with less effort. From instant meals to faster cars and easier means of communicating with others.

However, these products come with a price. Sometimes a lot of people become slaves of the things they own. Their possessions define them instead of the other way around. The problem is, sometimes their possessions bite them back. I am talking about product liability.

Not all the products out there in the market, however expensive, live up to your expectations and the manufacturers’ representations. Unfortunately, these defective products may even cause injuries to you. You may be poised by a toxic product or get cut or bruised by a defective tool or even get seriously injured by a defective vehicle or other mechanical and electrical device or appliance.

If ever you are injured by defective products either due to defective manufacturing, defective design or defective warnings or instructions, remember that you have a cause of action against anyone or all of them.

There is such a legal animal called strict liability theory which is used in California among many other states, where you just need to show that the product is defective, that the defected existed before the product leaves the manufacturer’s hands and that this defect caused you injuries in order for you to claim damages.

If you have been injured or suffered a loss of loved one's life because of defective products seek the aid of an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately to assure that your rights are well protected and properly pursued.