Friday, June 22, 2007

Rolling Tumbling Down

It is fun to roll around if you are in an amusement park riding inside one of the amusement rides. The rides are designed to tumble and there are safety harness or other precautions present during the rolling and tumbling of the rides. In essence, those rides are meant to roll and tumble and turn to the joy of the thrill seekers.
Vehicles, on the other hand, are not meant to turn over, tumble, roll or even tip on its sides. When one of these things happen while you are inside a car, the results could be very painful to say the least. The most common injuries sustained from a roll-over accident is injuries to head and neck. This is due to the violent rolling of the car thrashing our head and neck back and fort. An incident also of this violent roll over accident is spinal cord injuries which could result in temporary or permanent paralysis.

Don’t also be fooled by movie stunts where cars roll and rip apart keeping the driver and pasengers intact. First, the drivers operating the vehicles in the movies are stuntmen with years of professional training on how to protect themselves in case of a roll over accident. The roll over they experience are intentionally done and they know how to position themselves to cusion the blow of the impacts in a roll over car scene. Also, their vehicles are made to sustain the impact of a roll over accident.

Roller bars or cages are placed to protect the car from crumpling like paper during the roll over and protecting the stuntman behind the wheel. The vehicle is also stripped of any glass or plastic that would break or detach and could hit or stab the stuntman during the roll over. If this is not enough, paramedics are already on stand by even before the roll over incident happens for good measure.
Imagine yourself in a roll over situation, without any of the above protective mesures. Had enough? Drive safely and your nightmare may not come to reality.