Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Drowning Accident on a Holiday Leaves 11 People Dead

An enjoyable holiday at a lake in Harare, Zimbabwe turned into a regretful experience when a drowning accident occurred and killed 11 people.

The news was first brought by a Zimbabwean state radio station giving details about the drowning accident that happened on Christmas day.

According to CBS News, the radio station reported that the pleasure boat was said to be seen overturned at Lake Chivero. Allegedly, the boat has a total of 19 passengers on board and the drowning incident happened exactly at Lake Chivero, 30 kilometers west of Harare. The 11 people killed from the incident were mostly children ages five to 14. The radio station has identified seven of them by names.
Furthermore, the radio station also reported that a wildlife ranger at the lake died a day before such accident happened. This after the canoe of the said wild life ranger overturned in a coarse water.

The Lake Chivero is an official conservation of natural resources, a recreation resort and a water supply reservoir. Its owner and personnel are expected to provide safety measures within the recreation facilities.

Drowning accidents can be avoided through practicing strict and proper precautions while on the water. In this case, probably the owner or the resort personnel failed to do a close supervision on the water activities that are happening in the area. Water parks personnel and owners are held responsible for providing safety of their patrons and customers.

Improper or inadequately supervised pools, water parks and other recreational facilities and negligence on the part of lifeguards are just some of the most common causes of drowning accidents. With this, owners and personnel of these recreational sites are encouraged to implement strict and proper safety guidelines in these places.