Thursday, September 3, 2009

Laws Prohibiting on Phone use while Driving

Laws are enacted for the purposes of compliance and order. Admittedly, people can be very stubborn that they neglect and continue to defy these laws.

A law that has been constantly violated is the law prohibiting cell phone use while driving. It does not take a genius or expert to know the dangers of using a wireless phone while driving.

In United Kingdom, Wales produced a graphic film involving the dangers of texting while driving. The film would be distributed initially at various schools. This was to educate mostly the teenagers of the necessity of avoiding distractions while driving.

In United States specifically in California, two laws were already implemented regarding cell phone use. First, a law that prohibited motorists from using handheld wireless telephone and second, a law that barred drivers under 18 years old from using a wireless telephone or hands-free device.

Recently, the new Wireless Communications Device Law was implemented. This law was aimed at prohibiting the writing, sending or reading text-based communication on an electronic wireless communications device while driving.

Despite these laws, car accidents due to cell phone use are still prevalent. This only shows that prevention or minimization of accidents greatly depends on the driver’s themselves.

Drivers who get into accidents due to cell phone use are punished in accordance with the penalties provided under the law. Their victims can file a personal injury case against them after hiring a car accident attorney.