Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fatal Crash Due to Ignored Protocol

All cars must yield to emergency vehicles such as police cars and fire trucks when their sirens are on and responding to urgent situations.

This protocol was missed by Agustin Nava Miramontes hence; his brown Dodge Ram pick-up collided with the Mira Loma Station 17 fire truck.

The truck was responding to a vehicle crash a block away from Etiwanda and Bellegrave avenues. The impact resulted to the death of Miramontes and injuries to the three firefighters aboard the truck.

This fatal vehicle collision could have been prevented if certain protocols have been followed.

First, traffic must stop and give way to emergency vehicles at intersections. In this case, Miramontes continued driving through the intersection.

Second, the fire department has its policy for fire trucks to activate the lights and sirens and for engines to make a full stop at an intersection and wait to proceed once traffic is clear. Reports, however, failed to reveal if the fire engine stopped at the intersection.

Laws and regulations were implemented not without reason. This fatal crash was a clear example of negligence. Negligence has always been the leading cause of road related accidents.

In this case, death and injuries could have been prevented if protocols were only followed.