Tuesday, February 26, 2008

High speed driving, a negligent act

High speed driving is a common thing as many people think.

Many scrupulous drivers have ruled our major thoroughfares driving recklessly having no concern with his surroundings.

Many accidents were caused by venturing into high speed driving.

In our quest to reduce vehicle accident by car collisions or crashes, we have intensified our law enforcement against exceeding arbitrary speed limits.

We also have lighted the dim-portion of our streets and highways, improve signage, traffic officers visibility and impose various precautionary measures that would diminished or at least help minimize road accidents.

Despite our conscious effort to decrease the rate of accidents, car crashing and collisions would still happen with regularity. This was due primarily because of high-speed driving.

High speed driving is rooted on the very fact of human nature. All people have a sense of adventure in themselves.

Most people crave for speed in almost all aspect of human experience.

People love to rush. This can be manifested in the following situations:

  • sports and activities such as extreme games where athletes perform stunts on skateboards, bicycles, motorcycles at high speed level;
  • down-hill skiing, and alike;
  • Car/ motorcycle/ go-kart racing, rallying, surfing, sail boarding and alike.

Despite the perceived dangers of the aforementioned risks, most people do not give a thing on that respect.

No matter what we do to keep our streets become paradigms of safety, if the evils of high speed driving would not be taken out of our system, the problem would not be cured.

High speed driving on streets is a form of negligence intentional I should say.

Why negligence? Well, aside from the anticipated perils it could bring, it is beyond dispute that even how well your skills would be or how much amount of precautionary measures you apply the threat on accident it could bring is on high.
In the first place the manner and place where the reckless drivers have displayed their thing was inappropriate- considering that the main roads are built for the public use and safety.
These facts would lead us to conclude that venturing into high speed driving on Public Street is negligence, a reckless act.
The risk it brings to the innocent pedestrians, other responsible motorist and the public at large is what it makes it an act of negligence.