Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Product Liability Issues on Candy Recalls

For all we know, among all the states in the U.S., California has the one of the strictest policy and implementing procedures when it comes to protecting its citizens against defective and hazardous products. After giving much focus of lead contaminated toys from China, the state government is now directing its attention on Mexican candies after the recent San Antonio lead-tainted candy recall.
Just recently, another brand of lead tainted candies from Mexico has been the subject of recall. The Texas Department of State Health Services has found that these candies imported by Villa-Mex Imports Inc. are containing high levels of lead after a series of tests conducted.
The candy, Miguelito, Azucar Salada Enchilada Acidulada contains lead levels that are higher than what the US Food and Drug Administration believe is safe. The agency said, any level above 0.1 parts per million can cause a great risk on an individual’s health.
Meanwhile, after reading this news, I also come to know that the said importer of these products has also been the subject of other past product recalls. It is just irritating to know that a company like Villa-Mex Imports Inc. is still authorized to continue their operations.
We should not wait until our children become victims before we act. The government must examine this particular case promptly to determine whether the importer’s license should be cancelled. They should implement other strategies on how to make sure those similarly dangerous products will not ever reach the innocent consumers again.
But then again, for those who may sustain injuries in consuming or utilizing a defective or dangerous product, the federal and California Laws may serve as their refuge.
Under the product liability laws, any person who has incurred harm and damages from another person or entity’s negligence or wrongful acts may file his lawsuit. However, the procedures can take time and lots of efforts – the main reason why most of the victims hire their respective product liability attorneys.