Friday, April 20, 2007

Dog Handler’s Reflections

Are you planning to have a pet dog? Do you know how to properly handle and take good care of them? Although plenty of us are very much aware of the fact that dogs are one of the greatest pets, yet some do not even know how dangerous a misbehaving dog is. However, a number of pet lovers still opt to take care of at least a breed of dog in their own homes without being mindful of the legal liability they may face in case their dogs have bitten a person. Before deciding of owning a dog, maybe you should reflect of the following.

In reality, most dogs strictly abide by their handler’s instructions on how to behave well in dealing with other people. But like any other animals, once a dog is teased off and provoked in a certain manner or extent, it will definitely react violently to the extent of attacking a person especially on the absence of the owner. In these cases, the dog handler has no legal liability on what his pet has done.

On the other hand, some dog breeds are violent in nature. They attack even without being provoked. Thus, the dog owners have the responsibility over the harm inflicted to the victim.

In most of the cases which were filed in courts, a big number of dog bite victims have acquired millions worth of damages against the dog owner through the help of a personal injury lawyer who has qualified experience in handling animal attack cases. This is due to what the law stated as sole ownership responsibility. So if you are planning to have a pet dog, make sure that you will be able to strictly watch over it.